Home Made Jelly Recipes – How to Make Jelly Preserves

These are the latest home made jelly recipes from the authors of the  best selling Easy Jams, Chutneys & Preserves on the allotment garden web site. The links will open in a new window and take you directly to them.

Home Made Jelly RecipesJellies can be eaten as jams but are often a great accompaniment with meat dishes. Redcurrant or mint jelly with lamb, cranberry jelly with turkey etc

The process of making jellies is very similar to that of jams except there is the additional stage, after the initial boiling of the fruit, that of straining the fruit pulp through a jelly bag.

Jelly bags are usually made of nylon or cotton and fairly easy to find. We found a useful frame that holds the bag above a bowl. You can’t really suspend the bag overnight holding it in your hands!

Alternatively you need to improvise some sort of frame to suspend the bag from. Coathanger wire may be stiff enough to hold the bag and flexible enough to shape. Don’t squeeze the bag to hasten the process as this tends to make the final jelly cloudy.

The ‘perfect’ jelly should be bright and clear. Pay attention to the straining and never push the pulp through or your jelly will be cloudy.

Home Made Jelly Recipes

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