Vegetarian Recipes

Recipes that are suitable for vegetarians.

Easy Macaroni Cheese

Easy Macaroni Cheese Recipe

This easy macaroni cheese recipe is quick to make and can be altered simply to give a range of recipes in one-pot. Great for quick mid-week meals.

Hoffie Cake

Hoffie Cake Recipe

This recipe for Hoffie Cake was submitted by Karen. A quick and easy cake to make, delicious served with cream or ice cream.

Onion Bhajis

Onion Bhajis Recipe

Onion Bhajis make for a great side with Indian dishes. They are also a great snack and can be cooked in bulk and frozen for later.

Chocolate Courgette Cake

Chocolate Courgette Cake Recipe

Chocolate Courgette Cake is simple to make and can be frozen if bulk cooking. Doesn't take too long to defrost and tastes just as good.

Roast Vegetables

Roast Vegetables Recipe

Recipe for Roast Vegetables is very variable depending on what you have a glut of. It is great for using up any vegetables that are close to turning.

Sweet and Spicy Tomato Sauce

Sweet and Spicy Tomato Sauce Recipe

This Sweet and Spicy Tomato Sauce is delicious and has many uses. If you have time roasting the tomatoes, peppers and garlic in the oven gives more depth.

Potato Cakes

Potato Cakes Recipe

Recipe for Potato Cakes and a few variations - for all those potatoes that won't store. A great family friendly frugal recipe.

Spicy Root Vegetable Soup

Spicy Root Vegetable Soup Recipe

Spicy Root Vegetable Soup is a warmer and filling soup that is great to use up any root vegetables lingering in the store cupboard.

Spiced Belly Pork & Beans

Courgette Soup Recipe

This recipe for Courgette Soup lets you use up the Summer glut and store for the cooler months ahead. Great with crusty bread to dunk in it.

Curry Spiced Vegetable Loaf

Curry Spiced Vegetable Loaf Recipe

Curry Spiced Vegetable Loaf great cut into slices and served with a salad and yoghurt dip.